Beach Ball Bands Bring Talent


Commentary by: Erin McFarland

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The base from the stage pounded into the audience’s chests while strobe lights distorted images all around the stadium. Buzz Beach Ball 2014 was a great success this year as the bands all delivered with fantastic and energetic sets.

During the concert, twelve bands performed, but the three headliners easily stole the show.

The 1975 was the first of the three to showcase their music. With their British accents and rock ‘n’ roll persona, they won the crowd quickly.

Throughout their whole set the audience was up on their feet and swaying to the music, even holding lighters in the air.

Weezer came out next and brought multiple fans to tears with their opening song, “My name is Jonas”. They continued to play for about an hour with a mix of their old and new songs.

Their rock legacy led to fans of all ages being in attendance that night, cheering and singing along to every word of every song. Weezer was the highlight of the show for many of the fans.

Arctic Monkeys were the main headliners and they radiated a greaser and 50’s vibe as they wore leather jackets with their slicked back hair.

The Arctic Monkeys sounded even better live than they did on record but they didn’t interact with the crowd as much as the other bands.

Overall the concert, on September 5, at Sporting Park was one for the books and was even better than could have been imagined.