By Kate Boles

Talent is something that some say they have, but Junior Jana Shawver has a talent unlike any other.

“She’s turning in times that i’ve never had since i’ve coached at Emporia State. She may be, in the whole scheme of things, the fastest girl in her event that I’ve ever coached,” said cross country coach Jesse Griffin.

When an athlete accomplishes high titles there is a chance that it it may go to the athletes head, but for Shawver that just isn’t the case.

“I’ve been on other sports teams and the top person can sometimes be snobby or know that they’re better than everyone, but Jana doesn’t she acts like a normal runner she doesn’t act differently just because she’s getting these accomplishments,” said freshman Kenna Butler.

Along with this trait, Shawver also “brings a good attitude” said Griffin. Having a good attitude and being positive at practice sets in motion a lot more than just being able to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Jana Shawver practicing jumping hurdles for the coming track season. Shawver is an inspiration to her teammates because she never gives up or takes it easy, she works herself as hard as possible. Photo by Kate Boles.

“I think [it helps with] the workouts honestly, because you have to push through them and they mentally help you along, and you also have to have a good mindset,” said Shawver.

Remaining positive not only has an effect on Shawver, but the rest of the team as well.

“She keeps everybody going and she’s always someone that we can work towards being. She really is seen as that role model,” said Butler.

Along with being a positive athlete and being a role model for her team, Shawver is also able to do her best at juggling everything. Whether it’s athletics, school work, relationships, or friends, from the outside Shawver looks like she has everything under control.

“I know from my perspective knowing Jana she takes it very well she keeps her priorities, and then she still has time to hang out with me and some of the other freshmen, her boyfriend and all that stuff. She gets stuff done whenever she needs to get it done,” said Butler.

Being able to balance everything one of the reason’s why Shaver is a role model for a lot of the girls on the team, especially the underclassman.

“She definitely one of my biggest role models, but not just for me all of the freshman too. I don’t know, she just inspires me to work harder,” said Butler.

Not only has Shawver been able to be a role model to these girls but she’s been a friend as well. “She was definitely one of my first friends, she doesn’t care if you’re a freshman or a sophomore or you’re older than her younger than her. She’s just Jana. She’s just friends with everyone,” said Butler.

Although being a friend, role model, and an all around athlete can be great, nothing beats the feeling of just running. “I makes me feel really good. I mean it hurts a lot when you running or during workouts, but the feeling afterwards when you finish and you know you’ve tried your hardest it’s a really good feeling,” said Shawver.