Titan volleyball starts off strong


Trent Brink

Whether you like the titans or not, they always seem to play with a smile on their face. Number 4 Audrey Ahrens, who despite having missed the ball, still went into the next play against Shawnee Mission East as cheery as the last one. While the Titans managed to sustain the lead for the first two periods, they were unable to keep up a good defense against the spikes from the SME Lancers. Towards the end of set 1 however, it just seemed as if the Lancers had a counter for every offensive move the Titans would make.


It was a quick game as the Titans destroyed in the first set, 25-17. Senior Miana Wallace had good outing, as she was able to convert most of her sets into points for the Titans. The future of the program also continues to look bright, as Junior Odyssey Warren showcased her power against the Lancers. The Titans took the victory tonight in the second set, 25-20.