About Us

Lswestonline digital media publications are the product of a collaboration between Titan TV and Titan Scroll to bring you the latest news and sports updates from Lee’s Summit West High School.


  Broadcast Staff:


Web Directors                             News Director                    Sports Director

Kate Boles and Sydney Smith Drayden Wood Carson Staponski


Producer                                Assistant Producer                 Social Media Manager

Shelby Parscale Jenna Tiedemann Mallory Ratty


  Titan Scroll Staff:

Editor-in-Chief                       Associate Editor                     Photography Editor

Abby White Sydney Poppe Kate Boles

Web Manager                       Graphic Design Editor               Social Media Manager

Megan Robinson Emma Russell Larissa Ciafullo

Advertising Manager               Sports Manager          Sports Photo/Design Manager 

Alyssa Sloss Trent Brink Cody Bahl

Web Posters

Christina Jarvis Mckenna Bell Natalie Greenwood Victoria Newman