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Students Receive New Technology

Kate Boles got the inside scoop on some new technology that will be in the hands of students this fall.

LSR7 Gives a Face to Snow Days

This year the LSR7 district has been announcing snow day in a unique way. Tuck Thompson uncovered why and tried to find...

LSR-7 Students Making Up Snow Days

As of now, the LSR-7 District has had 11 snow days, forcing students to go to school until May 30th. However, chief...

Students Test Biliteracy

Students are now able to take a special test that will allow them to be granted the seal of biliteracy. Shelby Parscale and Huntyr...

LSR7 Communicates with West Community

The Community Engagement meeting held at West last Wednesday was a chance for parents and staff to hear from the LSR7 board.