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Freshman Excels in Gymnastics

One student excels at a sport unfamiliar to students at West.

Seniors in Swim

Anna Long As we dive into winter sports, senior swimmers Laurel Yows and Molly Harmon are swimming towards their last season here at West. Seniors are...

Athlete Beats Track Records

Ginger Murnieks moved from Oregon and has since impacted West's cross country team greatly.

Fighter Overcomes Stereotypes

Shelby Parscale and Tucker Thompson had the opportunity to share the story of sophomore MMA fighter Katherine Helm.

Titan Tennis Player Starts With Wii Sports

Christina Jarvis While there are athletes that participate in school sports simply for something to do, there are others that take it more seriously. Sabin began...

Students show school spirit

Kate Boles Lee’s Summit West High School has never been shy towards tradition. From “Sweet Caroline”, to first Friday relay races, the school has a...

Chiefs Tailgating Tips and Rules

With football season getting into full swing Mallory Ratty gives us some tips and rules for upcoming Chiefs tailgates.

Titan athletes work through tough times

Ethan White Athletics are an important part of many students lives, for some student athletes this fall season was a bit different as injuries effected...

Filling Phil’s Shoes

Carson Staponski, Zach Calder, and Roman Bushek introduce three boys competing for the 2018-2019 running back position.

Coaches Being Recognized

Teachers at West are getting recognized for their coaching skills and talents outside of school.