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Titan TV Jeopardy Tease

Will Jones gives us a sneak peak at the student game show that will be showcased in the upcoming edition of Titan Television!

Lifeskill students and Peer Inclusion

Hayden Oestreichtell tells us how life skill students stay active in using fun ways.

Peer Inclusive Environment Makes Impact

  Despite the majority of the student body beginning their school year online, West was not empty. Life skills students have been fully in person...

High School Teachers Discuss the Struggles of Switching to Hybrid Learning

Last week saw another first in LSR7 school district history with the pivot from a virtual to hybrid learning model with less than a...

Ramping up Security at LSW

A new addition to LSW is the security desk located in the front of the building. The desk ensures the safety of the student...

Students Traveling to Italy

Dane Laster Next year two teachers, Alisa Casady and Maris Tucker will be taking students on a trip to Italy. Casady said, “Right now there...

LSW Installs New Mirrors

West implemented new mirrors around the school earlier this year to increase visibility in a few areas. Reporter Jenna Tiedemann shows us more.

Taking on stress in high school: how teens deal with the...

Sophie Berning and Anna Eulinger New reports and research such as that done by the American Psychological Association, found that high school students continue to...

Students’ follow in teachers footsteps

Katelyn Boles shows how former West students are now teaching alongside their teachers.

Students’ holiday favorites

Movies, cookies, snowflakes, and presents. For many, the holidays translate to traditions. These traditions may be different for everyone, but holiday movies, music and...