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A Podcast For Teens by Teens

Essential Voices is a documentary about a podcast by teens in Lee's Summit. This was done as a contest in AVT.

How West Students Work to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Anna Long and Hayden Peters Senior Mohamed Haji said that seeing the footage of George Floyd’s murder caused him to tear up. “It could have...

Planet Fitness Opens Doors for Teens

Jenna Tiedemann and Brecklynn Martin look into the brand new Planet Fitness summer program, which allows teenagers to workout for free until September 1st.

Sexual Revolution Effects Teens

Four seniors discuss the new Netflix documentary "Liberated" and how it effects kids their age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLMhjrBgO84&feature=youtu.be

Skin Struggles: Acne targets teens

Sydney Poppe and Trent Brink As young people begin their teenage years, they enter an era full of firsts: first car, first girlfriend or boyfriend,...

Taking on stress in high school: how teens deal with the...

Sophie Berning and Anna Eulinger New reports and research such as that done by the American Psychological Association, found that high school students continue to...

Library Kicks Off Summer Reading

The Lee's Summit Mid-Continent Library begins their annual summer reading program geared towards teens.