Lee’s Summit West holds debate tournament

Debate students hard at work preparing for the debate tournament. Lee's Summit West held the tournament last friday through saturday.
Debate students hard at work preparing for the debate tournament. Lee’s Summit West held the tournament last friday through saturday

Lee’s Summit West often is the host of many activities, from competitions, to sporting events, we host them all. Including a debate tournament on November 2 and 3.  Debate students from LSW did not compete in the events, but rather helped it run smoothly. 28 schools from all over Missouri showed up at the school for three debate events and six individual events. The events were held in classrooms, and some were held in tutoring rooms.
As the host school Titan debaters were at the school for a long time taking care of whatever needed to be done. “We had to set up all the rooms and make sure there was a judge and time keeper in every round. We also had to compile the results to find out who went on to semi finals, and provide concessions,” junior Camille Thompson said. Thompson usually does extemporaneous speaking and lincoln-douglas debate.
Even with 28 schools participating, the tournament was organized and went well. “The tournament ran very smoothly. LSW is a big school so the atmosphere wasn’t crowded or hectic for the competitors. It was stressful at times for the people working the tournament, but that’s the price you have to pay for such a big turn out,” sophomore Ashley Rogers said. Rogers competes in public forum debate and original oratory at regular tournaments, but on Friday and Saturday Rogers worked in the tab room where they record scores, handle ballots and decides who advancedes.
The tournament seemed to be a good experience for those involved, “It was fun! I got to watch some of the events that I don’t do and those were really cool! I learned a thing or too from watching others.” Thompson said.
The Titan debaters look forward to competing in a competition this coming weekend at North Kansas City for varsity and Park Hill South for novice.