Staff vs. Student Recap


Lauren Baker

The student vs. staff basketball game was held Wednesday January 29th to support Project Grad. This year the game raised about $1,400, almost double than the past years. At halftime there was a raffle and a paper airplane throwing contest to help raise some of the money, along with the five dollar admission fee.

Michael Shortino was one of the players for the staff team started the idea for the student vs. staff games five years ago. They used to do the game at his high school and he thought it would be a good way to raise money. Shortino said “This years game was by far the best crowd they had ever had.”

Students were very eager and excited to sign up for this game, infact there were a lot more students than staff. Junior, Jamie Newsome said “The students worked good as a team,” which they proved by winning the game. The game was tied at the end of the 4th quarter and it went into overtime. In overtime the student’s team won 42 to 40.

This was the first time the students had won in three year history of the Student vs. Staff basketball game.