September 11- Forever a Day of Infamy


Story by: Lauren Baker

All across America people are remembering and mourning the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Many students at school watch videos and learn more about the event. Although all of the students at West were all alive during 9/11, most do not remember it.

However a few students do have memories of what went on that day. Senior, Maya Rivera, was on her way to her brothers elementary school when it happened. As soon as Rivera and her family heard what happened on the radio, her father turned the car around and went home. But for Rivera’s family, the real scare was for her mother.

Rivera’s mother was in Texas and was suppose to be heading home on a plane that day. Her father and her family were very worried, of course, not knowing at this point much information about the planes that hit the Twin Towers. Riveras family was relieved to know that her mother had decided earlier that morning to postpone her flight home from Texas.

Austin Vogt, a junior at West, also has some memory of what went on that day. Vogt was playing with toys in his living room watching the T.V. He heard his mom on the phone crying while talking to his grandma about what happened; Vogt asked his mom what was going on. Vogt also remembers seeing the towers fall on the T.V.

All students at west and around the country were at different places during 9/11, but it was an event that brought all of America together.