Fleenor Finds New Joy in Christmas


Christmas joy usually comes from presents under the tree, and while this is some’s favorite part about the holiday, some want to spend it a different way. Though unlike others, Junior Audrey Fleenor looked for a different way to enjoy Christmas this year, rather than finding joy under the tree.

The Fleenor family's stockings.
The Fleenor family’s stockings.

Q: So what exactly did you ask your mom to do?

A: “I asked her if she could take half of what she normally spends on me for Christmas and put it towards a charity or someone who needs it. We contacted a staff member at our church and asked if anyone needed some extra money that she knew of and she connected us with a single mom struggling to buy gifts for her family.”


Q: Why did you feel the need to do this?

A: “I think that we distract ourselves from the real meaning of Christmas with stuff that we don’t really need and this is bringing my focus back to what really matters. I feel like I’ve received more when I give than when I literally get to open up a present on Christmas Day.”


Q: How does it feel that you are helping a mother giver her children a Christmas Day?

A: “It feels good, but natural at the same time because that’s what Christmas is all about and I would feel uncomfortable doing anything else.”


Q: How did your mom react when you told her that’s what you wanted?

Junior Audrey Fleenor with her mom, Shawnna Fleenor.
Junior Audrey Fleenor with her mom, Shawnna Fleenor.

A: “I have done this once before so she wasn’t really surprised but she didn’t really take me seriously at first so I had to ask her multiple times. She thinks it’s great but at the same time she really likes picking out stuff for all of us.”