School Store Faces Regulations


Story by Sophie Black

This year, there have been many complaints regarding the school store and it’s new regulations on snacks and drinks. In past years, there has been an abundance of soda and sugary snacks and this year selections have been refined to whole wheat snacks and diet soda and flavored water.

Last week, the school store added Cherry Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta Orange Zero, and Diet Iced Tea. The store plans on adding Coke Zero soon as well.

Senior, Liz Black, school store manager, is extremely excited about the new drinks added to the school store. Black notes, “all of our products are new and I think it has turned off many people from purchasing snacks at the store because they’re not used to the nutritious foods.”

“Last year we had a lot of candy and I would like to see more of that because it brings in more business for the store and it’s also a favorite of mine.”

Business and Marketing teacher, Mrs. Howard, is also very pleased with the new products. Howard notices that, “the vending machines are the only places that carry soda in the school anymore and now I’m glad that [we have] access to it in the store as well.”

Howard and Black are both ready to see what other changes will be made this year and hope they bring more success for the store.