Students create a country


Story by Hailey Paulson

Fun and creative ways to learn are not often offered, that is why this group of IB History students have taken this into their own hands.

Christine Dabalos’ IB History students have created their own country. The country is called The People’s of Republic of IB History and comes with its own constitution and seal. The students have gotten their ideas from other countries governments and symbols.

“We are using things we learned about in our country,” said Junior Shane Anderson.

“We all kind of jumped on it as a way to demonstrate what we’ve learned in history class,” said Junior Jared Schwartz. Their government has some focuses from Venezuela, Soviet Union, and China. Their seal was based off of China’s seal, until they modified it.

Demonstrating their understanding isn’t the only goal this group has. “I think it would be really cool if other students actually learned a thing or two about a different form of government,” said Junior Drew Nelson. These students want to make this an opportunity for everyone.

“We are trying to make it so that it doesn’t just apply to us. We are trying to get it so that other classes can experience this thing,” said Schwartz. The People’s of Republic of IB History has had interests from an IB 12 History class.

“We see it as a practical demonstration of what a group of people can do when they come together,” said Schwartz. With working together they have achieved many accomplishments such as a Twitter account, a petition, a Declaration of Independence, and amendments. This country hopes to get more done. They are working on including the second year IB History class and a legal system for their country.

As for Dabalos, who declined an interview, the students hope that she sees their efforts demonstrated by the use of their knowledge from her teachings. “I hope she is proud of what her students are doing with this, even if it is against her in a way,” said Schwartz.