Mr. Titan draws crowd


Lexie Salamone


There are some things that most seniors look forward to every year: graduation, the senior send-off assembly, prom and, of course, Mr. Titan.

The seventh annual Mr. Titan was off to a rocky start when the wrong opening song began playing over the speakers. But once they got that all straightened out, the boys were able to strut their stuff all over the stage.

Emcees Nate Davis and Miss Missouri Erica Stone introduced the contestants for the the swimsuit competition, cheesy banter included. Speedos were banned from this year’s show.

Next up was the talent competition. From a surprise promposal by Jacob Ward, to Tanner Ferrell failing to eat a Chipotle bowl in a minute, to Austin Eveler’s “Single Ladies” dance, the audience remained captivated.

The formal wear competition was last, paired with some questions for the boys. Brandon Reynolds, after being asked how he would spend one million dollars on something other than himself, gave perhaps the most well-known answer, “World peace.”

Finally, the time for awards came. The emcees first announced the winner of Mr. Congeniality, Danny Bock, for being the most fun to work with. Bock wowed the audience with his floaties and snorkel for the swimsuit competition, made everyone laugh with his Saturday Night Live sketch and let his personality shine through when he figured that his friends would describe him as “nice.” But that’s only because they wouldn’t know what else to say.

Logan Roach was named Mr. Entourage for having the most money but in his jar previous to the start of the show. Roach was escorted out by Hailey Skinner and Ashton Dobson for the swimsuit competition in a Christmas-themed getup, performed the Campfire Song from Nickelodeon’s Spongebob with Seth Harper and Ethan Dorning, and decided that he would like to have his own banner in the gym alongside West grad Evan Boehm’s to remember him by.

Nathan May was crowned Mr. Competitive.  May finished off the swimsuit competition with a boogie board covering his body, performed a Backstreet Boys tribute with fellow competitors Logan Geha and Zack Kouba, who gave a strong performance despite his faulty microphone. Finally, when asked about who his man crush would be, he chose Troy Bolton.

The overall winner was Jaylen Wilson. Wilson performed a “culture twist” alongside Jordan Kaiser, lip syncing to country and pop music alternating with Kaiser attempting to lip sync to rap music. He then captured the hearts of the audience when he told the emcees about what his idea of a good friend would be, using his best friend and escort Kennedi Johnson as an example.