Ice Cream Social Letters


By Hailey Paulson

The LSW Class of 2015 broke open letters from their eighth grade selves. Topics of inside jokes, old relationships and more ly inside these letters.





Many LSW Seniors found joy in opening their letters at SLMS. Laughs were made at the topics that these fellow Seniors wrote to themselves as eighth graders. Some LSW Seniors decided to share what exactly was in their letter.

A few of the LSW Seniors were expecting a few things to be in their letter. This goes for Alyssa Travelent who thought there would be “Old boyfriends and relationships…” in her letter. She came to realize that there were “…old friendships and teachers…”

Part of the LSW Senior Class found that their letters were lacking in certain areas. “It was really bland but it was fun to see what I did but in there…I didn’t really accomplish anything I wanted to apparently at 8th grade.”

One LSW Senior in particular completely disregarded the letter until an invitation to open it arrived. “ I had no idea, I totally forgot I had one until I got the paper talking about it” said Carson Pickard.

Another LSW Senior, Tony Mok, found many things in his letter. “I wrote about how I was dating Nicole Neustifter at the time, about what I hoped I would be doing at this time, there was a piece of gum, just wrote about inside jokes that were funny at the time but now I forget what they even meant” said Mok.

Although the LSW Class of 2015 all had different letters they had mutually the same reaction. “I just couldn’t stop laughing is all” said Senior Carson Pickard. “It was just really funny but embarrassing” said Senior Tony Mok.



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