Buzz Beach Ball


By Emma Coleman

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Music binds people like nothing else. Bringing together individuals who wouldn’t meet if not for their similar taste in tunes.


Every summer listeners of 96.5 The Buzz and other fans of alternative music attend Buzz Beach Ball, a concert with a plethora of different bands to see. “Beach Ball is our summer ‘festival’ it is definitely our benchmark show. More time and effort goes into booking it than any other buzz show,” said Slimfast, a DJ working at The Buzz.


This summers show takes place on July 25 and will be at Sporting Park. As always the line-up is full of unique bands. “Alt-J, Awolnation, Glass Animals, Taking Back Sunday, Milky Chance, Andrew Mcmahon, Robert DeLong, Mister Wives, The Tings Tings, Hanni El Khatib, [and] Zella Day,” said Slimfast.


Many people have been able to attend Beach Ball multiple times. “It was really fun,” said freshman, Melorin Azimzadeh, “There’s two stages so that was cool as soon as one person was done the crowd would like disperse and people would move to the other side and so it was cool to see people moving back and forth.”


“I really like Awolnation so that will be fun and Misterwives. I think last year will be better because  I like more bands from last year but both will be fun,” said Azimzadeh.

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However, each year is different. “Different lineups obviously attract different people but overall the goal is always the same: bring cool bands to Kansas City and help show the country that Kansas City is serious about good music and supporting great artists,” said Slimfast, “Taking Back Sunday holds a special place in my heart. They put out their first album, around the same time I started at The Buzz, we did a lot of shows with them back then and I was lucky enough to meet them several times. They are one of the defining bands of my early days in radio.”


The different line-ups and new bands means that everyone can hear someone they enjoy, even those new to The Buzz. “It was my birthday present from my best friend,” said freshmen Maddie Soderstrom, “She got me tickets and I didn’t even know it was happening until I got them [but] now I’m really excited. There’s one girl [Zella Day] who I’m really excited to see.”



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