First Kindness Council meeting


By Carsyn Owens

kindnesscouncil4Kindness Council(KC) had their first meeting of the school year on the 22nd. The officers weren’t expecting such a huge joining, but the entire room was packed

KC’s leaders, Emily White, Sophie Piatczyc, Davis Perry, Camyrn Halboth, Emily Wiencek, and Jennifer Steele, introduced themselves, went over what takes place in KC, and the things they do.

One of the favorite things the officers talked about was the John Knox Fall Festival visit. They dance with the elderly and make them smile. They said that was their favorite part of visiting.

KC leaders also said that the reason they were in the group was to make a difference, and that by doing multiple duties by one’s self doesn’t make as big as an impact as it does in an entire group.

Kindness Council not only does kind courtesies for the community, they also go out places with just the group, that way they can really get to know the members and build friendships.

kindnesscouncilOn Sept. 22, their first act of kindness went to past teachers in the new members’ lives. They had a LSW postcard which they wrote on the back of describing why they enjoyed/appreciated them as a teacher.

One of the first courtesies KC is doing is baking cookies and delivering them to all the new teachers at Westkindnesscouncil3

The Kindness Council’s information about upcoming meetings is on a bulletin board right outside of Ms. Casady’s room; they welcome all new members