Students with weird/cool jobs


By Sarah Melchert

Work can be more fun when you work at a job that you love, and some West students are having fun and working jobs they love.FullSizeRender

Senior Jordan Heiman works at Camp Bow Wow, a dog daycare and boarding franchise.

“I originally applied because I liked the hours and I like dogs,” said Heiman. However Heiman found out that she loves everything about taking care of dogs.

“I normally get there around three and we watch the dogs because they are out in play areas, then we do some cleaning activities. Then we put the dogs that are boarding so they can eat and we do some cleaning. Then we let them back out after they are done eating and they can play until we close,” said Heiman.

In July, Heiman thought she wasn’t going to be able to keep working at Camp Bow Wow. “About July I found out I’m allergic to dogs, and I was really upset, but we figured it out and I can keep my job,” said Heiman.

Since Heiman can work around dogs without allergies, she hopes to keep working after high school. “I’ll definantly work over the summer, it will kind of depend on where I go to college. I know that some of the places where I’m looking at for colleges have Camp Bow Wow since it is FullSizeRender (2)a franchise,” said Heiman.

Heiman doesn’t want to be a vet though, she wants to be a marine biologist. “Everyone always asks me that. I actually want to be a marine biologist, which kind of has to do with animals,” said Hieman.

Junior Taylor Ritchey also loves her work. Ritchey has worked at the Grandview Aquatic Centre for three and a half months. Ritchey got her job by filling out an application and doing an interview.

“I ensure that the patrons are safe and beside the water. I also clean a lot. I also teach swimming lessons to kids,” said Ritchey.

“Getting to teach kids how to be safe in the water and getting to help people is pretty neat,” said Ritchey.

FullSizeRender (1)However, Ritchey’s job can be stressful. “When we have parties or lots of poeple because I have to watch over a lot of people,” said Ritchey.

Junior Amanda Berkstresser has a job that she loves too. Berkstresser works as a referee for soccer games. “I have to call fouls in oder to keep the game fair and safe,” said Berkstresser.

Berkstresser loves to work with kids. “It is a chance for me to impact younger generations in the community. That and the hours and pay are amazing,” said Berkstresser.

For these West students, their jobs are more than just working for money. These students are passionate about their work, and find it fun and exciting.