Opinion: America’s Real Problem With Food


By Mackenzie Elliott

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love food? I bet the number you chose was at least a 7. How did I know that? Because we are obsessed with food. You, me, everyone in America.
We have a serious problem on our hands.
All we think about is our next meal and it’s becoming unhealthy.
Our lives revolve around food.
We eat food when we are going through a hard time. (How many late nights have you spent with your best friend – AKA Rocky Road ice cream?)
We eat it to celebrate something special. (How about another cookie because I got an A on that test?)
And we eat when we want to socialize with others. (Just try to count how many days this month you’ve gone to coffee or brunch to study or meet up with someone.)
As a country we have over 50,000 fast food restaurants. What’s even worse is that kids between the ages of six and 14 consume some form of fast food 157,000 times each month.
In fact, 1 in 4 Americans eat fast food each day. That’s 79.7 MILLION people every day. Let that soak in.
How have we become a country that is living to eat rather than eating to live?
America needs to take a step back and realize just how glutenous we are.
Let’s stop idolizing food, America, and we can solve our problem.