Community Reduces Waste


Video by Mackenzie Elliott.

Article by Mackenzie Wilson.

Schools across the nation sell supplies in their school stores. However, food has also been added to the shelves so students can pick up a quick snack between classes.

Imagine buying a 10-piece McNugget meal from McDonald’s just to throw away four of them. This is essentially what Americans are doing. 

According Dana Gunders, member of the Natural Resources Defense Council, 40 percent of the food in America goes uneaten. Dietician Jennifer Dampf says that this is because “…our plates are bigger than we need them to be. Therefore, the wasting.” But how can we reduce the amount of food we throw out? 

There are things people can do at home. They can try canningdrying, or freezing fruits and vegetables that are rotting or bruised. They can even find a recipe that requires that product. This will present otherwise overlooked food as a new and improved snack. 

As for organic food that can’t be repurposed, composting is always an option. Composting is simply the decomposition of organic matter. Grocery stores like HyVee send all of their unwanted, decomposable food to a community compost. People can even create a compost in their own in your backyard. Using methods such as canning or composting can help fix America’s excessive waste problem.




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