Story by Peyton-Alan Brasfield.

The 2016-17 school year has already started with major changes, and administration has approached the subject of planners and hall passes a little differently.

The student handbook has been moved to a digital format for the year; with the hall pass system has also being reformed, and the planners being replaced by larger hall passes designated for specific rooms.

This change has sparked a lot of varying opinions, and many teachers are adjusting well to the change.

“I understand that students like having that planner to carry around and…check things at their disposal, but I [also] understand the cost versus that convenience,” said history teacher Lori Hanaway.

“Anything that you could probably do digitally is [just] a part of the twenty first century,” said Hanaway. Though the change is keeping up with the times, the main reason for the reform is cost efficiency.

The people that this change affects most is the students at Lee’s Summit West.

“I think that it’s gross because I mean we’re bringing the hall passes into the bathroom where germs are spread,” said junior Chloe Denton. “I’ve seen kids bring them in the actual stalls. I just put them up on the paper towel things…it makes me wanna bring plastic gloves to school.”

This is especially difficult for the students that used their planners and handbooks daily.

“It was easier because I didn’t have to go and buy one…I still use [a planner],” said Denton.

The former planners also had calendars in the first few pages that marked school events and days off.

“I think it’s a lot harder for the students not having plan books…they want that calendar. They want that organization aspect of it,” said Child Psychology teacher Ashley Turner.

“It’s a change and I think with any change we’re going to have some sort of a backlash and a challenge,” said Turner.

It’s clear that there are some debates over the practicality of the new system. It raises a lot of questions as to whether or not the issues will be addressed by administration.

The students and teachers alike have varying opinions on the subject for many different reasons: whether it be hygiene or budget convenience. Everyone is working to find a system that works for everyone and only time will tell if a solution surfaces.