How to cope with end of the semester finals

Junior Maggie O’Conner analyzes her novel, "Into The Wild." Finals at Lee’s Summit West begin next Monday, December 19th. This week many courses are having unit tests so many students have been feeling stressed with all of the upcoming exams. Photo by Katie Britton-Mehlisch.

Story by Katie Baker

Lots of people do not know how deal with the amount of stress with finals just around corner. Dealing with stress is something most students struggle with even in the most advanced classes.

Being an IB student can be stressful at times because of the work load, but as long as you manage your time and remind yourself to keep everything in perspective it is manageable” said IB student Maggie O’Connor. O’Connor is very involved in debate, but makes time to study for finals.

Other students like Junior Joshua Foster do not need to study that much for finals because they can grasp the information when given in the classroom.

“The best way I’ve found to manage finals stress is to just do so amazingly in all of my classes and inflate my grades so much that I can get an F on the final and still keep an A in the class, so, in other words, eating up all of the extra credit that comes my way,” Foster said.

Foster is very devoted to chess, playing the violin, being updated with politics and scientific world news. He is also in the Scholar Bowl and Science Knowledge Bowl to show his math and science skills.

Many find themselves procrastinating until the end of the year, and later realize they should have started earlier. IB student Sam Stott has discovered the consequence to procrastinating.   

“There are some nights that I’ll stay up late or not sleep at all, but often that is due to my own plans that night or poor time management. IB has taught me that it is a terrible idea to procrastinate big assignments because you will have very little time to do it if you try and do it in one night,” said Stott.

Junior Merlion Azimzadeh says she has her family to credit as they help her overcome stress.

“My friends and family typically help get rid of my stress. Three of my best friends are doing the IB diploma too and it’s helpful to remember that there are other kids going through the same thing I am,” said Azimzadeh.