Now that the winter months are here, it is likely that ice, snow, freezing temperatures, and wind chill will be headed to Missouri. In order to stay safe in the cold, students must be prepared. Whether it’s own or off the roads, winter brings a new dangers for West students.

Senior Megan Hoffman is a member of the Titan Click Club at Lee’s Summit West High School. Titan Click educates students on ways to practice safe driving. In the winter time students have more factors to take into consideration while in their vehicles. “When roads are slick, allow plenty of time to get to your destination and drive the speed limit,” Hoffman said.

English teacher Alisa Casady is the sponsor for Titan Click.“I advise students to slow down, adjust their speed for the conditions, and turn in their lights,” Casady said. Being mindful of road conditions in the winter helps prevent car accidents.

Wearing appropriate clothing for the weather also helps keep students safe. “I like to dress in layers, usually two or three, just so when it gets cold I don’t have to worry,” said senior Elise Nill. The wind chill in the winter makes temperatures feel lower than they are. Nill said “…in the mornings it gets pretty cold, so I wear scarves, gloves, and a coat just to stay safe.”

In case of an emergency, students should keep their car stocked with certain items. “MoDot suggests that people have a first aid kit, water, snacks, and a blanket in their car,” said Hoffman.

During the winter season, it is not uncommon for precipitation to occur during school hours. “It’s important to stop earlier than usual, and it’s necessary to check to make sure sure you have 100% vision before leaving the parking lot,” said Nill.

Preventing car accidents and collisions can be more difficult in the winter due to black ice on the roads. “Check your surrounding, listen to the weather channel in the morning, and understand that bridges and overpassses may be icy without necessarily looking that way,” said Casady.   

While driving in winter weather can be difficult, it’s not impossible. “Students should just focus on taking more than enough time to scrape their windows, and should drive on the roads with extra caution,” said Nill.

Students can join Titan Click to learn more about being cautious of road conditions. “Last winter before finals we put notes with candy in cars discussing safe driving in the winter. We plan on doing that again this year,” said Hoffman.

With more winter weather in Lee’s Summit West’s future, students should remember to dress in layers, stock their car with safety items, and be cautious on the roads.