Kate Helm

More than 80% of adolescents do not do enough aerobic physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth. Physical activity can have many health benefits that would help teens with managing stress and even just getting better sleep.

Stacie Myers a psychology teacher here at West walks everyday after school. “If I’m off my normal routine I can tell the next day,” said Myers. Meyers said she is able to tell a difference in her mood and energy levels after physical activity.

Exercise has more than just physical benefits, but also mental benefits too, which is especially important for kids in school.“Students that came in with anxiety exercise was a huge component in helping calm their nerves,” said Myers.  

When students are stressed and anxious they cannot perform at their best. “Physically feeling better just makes you mentally feel better,” said Myers.

Freshman Lauren Lauber dances 40+ hours a week. “I’m on a competitive dance team so we’re forced to workout,” said Lauber. Although exercise may seem boring, Lauber said, “It can be if you make it fun, it’s all about mindset.”

Lauber also said how exercise gets her into the right mindset for a competition so she can perform well.

“When I exercise in the afternoon from like 3-4, I sleep like a baby but if it’s right before bed I’m up until like 12,” said Lauber. Exercise can be good for your sleep and make your sleep quality better.

“ I sleep 100% better after exercise,” said Alyssa Wyrick another freshman at West. “I feel lazy like I’m always tired,” said Wyrick after switching her routine and not exercising like she normally does.

Wyrick played softball for west and loves it. Sports are a great way to meet new people and friends. “ Softball gave me a bunch of new sisters,” said Wyrick

Working out can make you feel good and proud of yourself. “ You can be like ‘Hey look at me I just worked out,” said Wyrick. She feels confident and hyper after exercise.