An update on the Insidious journey


Bailey McTavish

Scary movies range from “Jaws” to “Annabelle”. There has been a big change in how these movies are now portrayed.

Insidious: The Last Key takes place in New Mexico at the house Elise Rainier grew up at. Ever since she was a child she was able to see spirits that no one else good. Her dad did not understand her gift so he tried to beat it out of her.

Elise left Five Keys when she was sixteen years old, but she also left her little brother behind with their dad.

Elise now uses her gift to help others by being a parapsychologist, which is someone who studies paranormal activity.

She gets a call from a man who says that he is experiencing many huntings in his home, which used to be Elise’s house when she was younger. This call is the very personal to her, because she knows what this man is dealing with. Elise is the one who released the demon. Now she is the one who needs to take him out.

You do not need to see the previous Insidious movies to understand what is going on. It flowed like it was an individual story.

In my opinion the movie had an underlying creepy fell but it was not in your face scary. This was not one of those movies that will make you scream.

The movies always end up with Elise going to the other side and saving someone that is trapped there. So it can get a little repetitive, but there is always something new to spice it up. The setting and the spirit they are going after is always different.

The Insidious movies could be described as a never ending television show as they always leave you with a cliffhanger. It feels like the very end is a preview to the next show.

I did not feel like the supposed cliffhanger was even that good. If there ever was another movie I would not go and see it, because I feel like I have already experienced the movie. It would just be like watching the same film over again just with a different setting and evil spirit.