Bailey McTavish

Breaking In is about a woman, Shaun Russell, who is a mother of two children, Jasmine and Glover. She returns to her childhood home with her children after her dad’s death. They plan on staying only for the weekend to put the house on the market. Although they soon realize that they are not in the house alone.

There are four men inside searching for a safe that holds money. They will do whatever it takes takes to find it and get the money out of it, even if that means holding the children hostage. Money sure can make people do crazy things.

The movie came out for Mother’s Day to show how a mom will do anything for to protect her kids. It really shows just how strong a mother’s bond with her children can be.

I would rate this movie a 3 out of 5 because it was not anything new. It’s just another crime drama with  the same things that have already been done just with different characters. However, I did like the aspect of the film that shows how strong a mother’s love is for her children. It was a nice concept to have for Mother’s Day.  

There were a few twist and turns throughout the movie to make it more intriguing. I mean money can make people do crazy things, even if they are all on the same team with the same goal in mind. It did hold my interest the whole time. But, watching this movie just once was enough for me. It’s definitely not one of those movie that could be watched over and over again.

Gabrielle Union did a wonderful job playing the role of the mom. She was really the one that kept the movie going and held it all together.

Overall, the actors did a good job in the film. I just wish the movie could of been something fresh and different. I want to be able to see a crime drama without it being the same thing all over again. It’s starting to get old.