iPhone Glitches: New phones cause concern for iPhone users


Story and Photo by Anna Eulinger

Just recently, Apple has released not one, but three new iPhones, each of them promising to be even bigger and better than before. Their names are the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR.

According to Apple.com, the prices of the iPhone Xs costs $999, the Xs Max costs $1099, and coming in at the least expensive of the three is the iPhone XR which costs $749. However, the prices don’t stop there. If someone wants to purchase more gigabytes for their phone, say 52 gigabytes on the Xs, it could end up costing $1499.

To some, this may not seem like such a big deal since this is quite typical of Apple to raise the price with each new iPhone. Many may think it’s time for a new phone and go ahead and purchase one of Apple’s latest iPhones. For others, however, they enjoy their iPhone that they have right now or have even had for many years. The only downside–Apple admitted to slowing down older iPhones since the release of iOS 10.2.1

Junior Melissa Timmons said she owns an iPhone 5s, which she got about three years ago as Christmas gift. She said she started experiencing issues with it about one year ago and she has to deal with these issues every time she needs to use her phone.

Timmons said the reason why she thinks Apple started slowing down older iPhones is “So people would buy the new ones.” That is the reason most people think Apple slows down older phones, but according to Washington’s Top News, the reason why Apple did that was to fix issues users were having with phones that suddenly shut down. Apple thought the reason this was happening was because iPhones with weaker batteries could not work properly. Because of this, the 10.2.1 update was created in order to help detect older batteries and slow down the working process of the iPhone to enable the phone to work without getting overloaded and shutting down.

Timmons said that her own iPhone would shut down all of a sudden as well, and worked slowly when she tried to use most of the apps and even the internet browser on her phone.

According to Apple.com, the Xs Max has the largest screen to ever be on an iPhone, which is 6.5 inches, and has the smartest, most powerful chip. The XR also is said to have the same chip as the Xs and a “breakthrough” camera system, along with a new super retina display.

According to Apple.com, the super retina display is a type of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display that is supposed to have the best color accuracy in the industry and incredible contrast. OLED technology enables a great viewing experience and emits light through each pixel on the iPhone’s screen which creates a thinner, crisper display. The super retina display also includes high dynamic range (HDR) that allows for a broad range of dark and light areas.

As for the iPhone Xs, it includes everything promised in an Xs Max, but with a slightly smaller display of 5.8 inches.

According to Washington’s Top News, many iPhone users have become irritated with the slowing down of their phones, especially since Apple even admitted to doing so on purpose.

According to Washington’s Top News there are a few remedies for people who have slow-working iPhones. The website said that the more an iPhone gets charged, the more capacity loss its battery faces. So for iPhone users, it is best to charge an iPhone only when it really needs it, instead of charging it every time it gets to fifty percent.

According to Washington’s Top News, iPhone users with AppleCare+ can have their battery replaced at no charge when the battery falls below eighty percent capacity. Those who have an iPhone 6s made between September and October of 2015, are also eligible for a free battery replacement.

Another concern a lot of Apple users have are the constantly rising price of Apple products, according to Timmons.

“How else are they going to sell their products?” Timmons said. Although iPhones can be very expensive, Timmons said she would still purchase an iPhone in the future when she needs a new phone.

Apple products, specifically iPhones, may not be for everyone, but there are a lot of people who still like the way they work and the way they look.

“iPhones have the clout, you know? If you have a Samsung, people make fun of you…I like the way they look, they’re aesthetically pleasing. I think they’re good phones; the stuff that they do,” Timmons said.

The prices of iPhones may continue to rise, but for right now, Apple products are here to stay. The question of what Apple’s next iPhones will look like and how much they will cost will stay at the back of customer’s minds, just waiting for another taste of something new, and bigger and better than before. Apple may have said that they slow down older iPhones to help their batteries, but the full truth behind Apple’s tactics may never be known.