A single second reaction. That’s all that it takes to victory.

Scholar bowl is, according to senior Sam Royce, “Similar to jeopardy but more competitive and not for cash.”

Scholar Bowl is a tournament based team where you buzz in when you know the right answer. “It’s basically trivia team,” Junior Alyssa Pfeifer said. Pfeifer is a member of the varsity team.

The Lee’s Summit West Titan scholar bowl team changed coaches this year, with new math teacher Seth Brummond taking over.

“It’s a slow transition to be honest. I like Mr. Brummond, he seems to know his stuff and genuinely like scholar bowl, but it’s weird starting over after maintaining a certain routine for almost 4 years,” Royce said.

Pfeifer said, “It’s definitely different because I think a lot of us got attached to the Humes when they were coaching it; it’s not changed necessarily in a bad way at all. It just it makes it so that it is slightly more competitive, which is a good thing.”

Royce said that Brummond brings a more straightforward approach to scholar bowl than the previous coach. “The team still needs a little more time to get more comfortable with him in charge but I doubt there will be any problems in the long run,” Royce said.

Sophomore Jonah Ludiker said that he thinks that, “Mr Brummond puts in a lot of effort into coaching.”

Royce and  Pfeifer have both been doing scholar bowl since middle school. “ I started back in 7th grade because I thought it would be fun, I always watched shows like jeopardy growing up and I thought i’d be good at it,” Royce said.

Pfeifer said,”I knew that scholar bowl was one of the nerdier clubs, and I wanted to be around people who had similar mindsets as me.”

Ludiker took a year off of doing scholar bowl last year, “ I enjoy the group and community on scholar bowl,” Ludiker said.

Royce said that scholar bowl has affected him as a person. “I’ve made a lot of good friends throughout the years and I’m super grateful for all the good times it’s given me. It’s going to be really sad to say goodbye to it after this year, but I know I won’t forget the amazing fun I’ve had throughout high school with my team,” Royce said.

Pfeifer also said scholar bowl has helped her. “I love the atmosphere of scholar bowl, because even though it’s getting more competitive, it’s somewhere that I can mess up and learn and grow from my mistakes,” Pfeifer said.