Titan Smart Movie Night


Emily Gerhart

Titan Smart has made it their mission to show students at West that you can enjoy high school without the use of drugs or alcohol. They host a movie night every Friday after home football games to promote safe, smart fun. Senior member Aeryn Shipley joined the club this school year, and they said they have already learned important lessons while having a good time at the movie nights. 

“It’s fun. Even if you’re not going to stay for the whole time, sometimes even just going there and watching the movie for a little bit to wait out the crowds,” Shipley said, “It’s just a nice thing to do so you can go have fun in a safe environment rather than going out and doing something reckless.”

Titan Smart is opening up their movie night to all West students this Friday, Oct. 8, starting at 9 p.m. There will be pizza provided, as well as a viewing of the Disney Pixar movie, Soul.