Magic (Tree) Shines in Lee’s Summit


Ella Skelsey

The Lee’s Summit Magic Tree, covered with multi-colored lights, has become a part of families’ holiday traditions since its opening in 2013. This year, the tree has stayed lit despite the surrounding construction and COVID-19. 

The tree opened on Thanksgiving (Nov. 25), officially marking the start of the holiday season, and will close on Jan. 2. Throughout this time, you can visit any time after sundown to view the lights and make a donation to Operation Toy Soldier. Along with offering a fun and unique photo-op and opportunity to give back, it also brings holiday spirit to the Longview area.

According to the Magic Tree’s website, “Over the years, the lighting of the tree has offered sentiments of hope, goodness, peace, and love as visitors enjoy the simple elegance of the tree, take advantage of the beautiful and unique photography setting, as well as give to those who are in need in our community.” Despite road construction and building construction on Paragon Star, the tree has kept its place, with road signs helping drivers find their way.

To visit the tree, drive to I-470 and View High Dr. and follow the signs for directions through the loop. There is a small lot where visitors can park their vehicles and step out to see the lights.