Culinary Competes – Grilled Cheese Competition


Natalee Still and Keira Eichelkraut

The Culinary Foundations classes competed against each other before the start of winter break in small groups for a grilled cheese competition. They were judged after school by staff who personally volunteered. Teacher Jocelyn McNelly said the students were supposed to prepare their own recipe and make it within the class period given.

Freshman Cree Hill, one of the students who participated in this competition, said her group decided to spice up their recipe. She said, “We are making a tuna melt. We call it the ‘Island Melt.’ It’s tuna, garlic aioli, tomatoes, french bread, with provolone and American cheese.” She said they were supposed to come up with the name of the grilled cheese sandwich, what they were putting in it, how they were going to make and display it, and then make a poster about it for the judges.

McNelly said the winner for sixth hour was the kitchen five group, and the winner for seventh hour was kitchen one. She said this was the first grilled cheese competition they’ve held, and they plan on doing more competitions similar to this in the future.