Babies, Dinos, and Ducks Oh My!

An example of one of the ducks left by Meara and Lintz. Photo by Sarah Hall.

Sarah Hall

Seniors Molly Meara and Reganne Lintz have spent their years at West leaving their mark around the school, in the form of miniature figures.

“We saw a video of someone hiding tiny babies around an apartment, and we thought we should do that at a much bigger scale,” Meara said.

Starting their freshman year, Meara and Lintz have been hiding small objects, like mini ducks or dinosaurs, around the school for other students to find.

“So we went to Amazon and bought 300 tiny babies, so we went to Mr. Honn to make sure it was okay, and he laughed and said it was totally fine,” Meara said.

For the next two days during Titan Time, Meara and Lintz went to work. “We placed them on clocks, in the bathrooms, on top of fish bowls and windows. We had to do cheer stunts, just [to] put them in the high places,” Meara said.

The following summer, they decided they wanted to continue hiding objects, and make it a yearly tradition. 

“We decided we were going to continue it but with dinosaurs, and we got the idea because someone in my class said it would be funny if we did dinosaurs. Even though the dinosaurs were more expensive and bigger,” Lintz said.

Their classmates, at the time, did not know who was doing it. So, Lintz and Meara said they got to see all the reactions to the dinosaurs the next day.

“We went to school the next day and everyone was like, ‘have you seen these dinosaurs everywhere?’ and no one knew it was us because we did it and never told anyone. Everyone was confused and thought it was cool,” Meara said.

Students started trying to hunt for the dinosaurs, and it became similar to a scavenger hunt.

 “Once you see one or two you’re sort of on the lookout for them, and since we only did 200, once they were gone they were gone,” Meara said.

During online school, Meara and Lintz weren’t able to continue since they couldn’t come to the building. Once they came back they planned their next move. 

“Since Reganne isn’t at school this year we had to come up after school a few weeks ago and we had all the tiny ducks, and we hid them everywhere,” Meara said.

This year, since  Lintz is online and Meara only goes to school for three hours, they wanted to make sure they would be there for the students the next day.

“We talked to the janitors and warned them that we had put ducks everywhere. We told them ‘Don’t move the ducks!’” Lintz said.

Since they both don’t spend a lot of time at school, it’s become hard to see everyone’s reactions to the ducks everywhere, but they still plan on doing it one last time.

“It kind of gives me something to hold onto for high school and look back at and be like ‘Yes I did that.’ We plan on doing one more but we can’t say yet so it will be a surprise,” Meara said.

Senior Bella Chick said, “I think it’s funny and it makes school more interesting.”

“We’ve had a plan since COVID for our last one, and it’ll be a good one!” Lintz said.

So, everyone is on the lookout for their next hidden item.