Betty White’s Impact Reaches Animals


Sarah Hall

Betty Marion White Ludden, known for her seven season hit show “Golden Girls,” passed Dec. 31, 2021. Her death, less than three weeks before her 100th birthday, was confirmed by Jeff Witjas, her longtime friend and agent. “I think her death took the world by storm, and a lot of people lost a role model. She was such an activist for animals and inspired people to feel better in their own skin,” sophomore Peri Thompson said.

Betty White had achieved numerous accomplishments in her life, with five Emmys and numerous nominations according to the Television Academy. Whites love for animals was very active with her being a part of the L.A. Zoo board, earning the American Humane’s highest honor, the National Humanitarian Medal and the Legacy Award. 

After the world was saddened by her recent passing it became an internet “trend” to start donating to local animal shelters. With the help of social media and everyone’s love for Betty White, people across the internet were pushing to donate at least $5 to any cause that would help out the shelters. Instagram posts all over show the impact her passing had on the world.