Spring Fashion Trends

Photo by Natalee Still.

Rachel Pickart

As the seasons change, as the years go on, fashion is here and always changing. From large pants in the ‘80-‘90s to skinny pants in the 2010’s and back to large pants again in the last couple years, trends are bouncing back. 

Unique and different:

Fashion and Design teacher Amanda Jeffries said she expresses her appreciation for unique styles and different outfits. 

“I love when I see kids wearing something different from everyone else,” she said. “I also love to ask my students to see their prom dresses and ask where they got them. I know that some of my students buy their prom dresses in thrift stores or make it their own style, it guarantees that they have something different.” 

“I always recommend shopping at Goodwill and shopping second-hand,” senior Tyler Jackson said. “The prices are generally very low and we can find a lot of unique pieces.” 

Ideal spring outfit:

As spring began a couple weeks ago, bright colors seem to be loved and worn a lot. Every type of green, pink, orange, or royal blue are in the wardrobes for spring 2022. 

“Bright and bold colors matched with white or light/neutral colors,” sophomore Avery Krause described her ideal spring outfit, “Combined with ruffles, fringe, or matching sets.” 

Everyone has their favorite colors and want to ideally put them in a good outfit. Jeffries said, 

“I definitely need a top, a dress, or a nice pair of pants in lavender. Or some type of green.” 

“I personally need to wear a lot of dresses and skirts during spring,” Jeffries said, “I like to be feminine and girly and spring is the best season to wear those outfits.” 

If I were a millionaire:

Jeffries said she would buy an Hermes Birkin bag, Krause said her dream purchase is a Marc Jacobs Snapshot purse, and Jackson said his money would be spent on a GG&L men’s crossbody bag or a Bottega Veneta Casseta bag.