Forever Falcon Reunion 2022

  • Former SLMS student, Delaney Stott, with her eighth grade teacher and volleyball coach Beth Groom. Photo by Natalee Still.
  • Eloy Perez-Cruz catches up with former seventh grade teacher, Ellie Lilly. Photo by Natalee Still.
  • Elle Campbell, Sophie Ackerman, and Maggie Slutter checked out pictures displayed of class of 2022 in middle school. Photo by Natalee Still.
  • Izzy Touzinsky, Kristen Farmer, and Olivia DeVry chatted after reading their eighth grade letters. Photo by Natalee Still.
  • Taylor Robinson, Alivia Tolbert, Kaelyn McDonald, Natalee Still, Lilly Frazier, Libby Bastow, and Krista Anderson bonded after reading their letters to each other. Photo by Brett Breshears.
  • Mireya Miller, Alyssa Hurt, and Kyra Merritt laughed at their letters and chatted with their past teachers together. Photo by Natalee Still.
  • Cadence Mayrand and Izzy Touzinsky shared memories together when looking at pictures from middle school at the Falcon Reunion. Photo by Natalee Still.
  • Aidan Jones and Jackson Miller hysterically laughed at their letters with each other. Photo by Natalee Still.
  • Navi Washington and Kennedi Bennett opened their eighth grade letters to their seniors selves together. Photo by Natalee Still.
  • SLMS displayed throwback pictures of the class of 2022, the students were given permission to take a photo of theirs if they found one. Photo by Natalee Still.

2022 Titan seniors revisited memories at SLMS and opened their eighth grade letters they wrote to their future selves.