The Paranormal Club here at West investigates the unexplained and allows students to express their thoughts and beliefs without judgment. 

Club president freshman Caden Lanning said he started the club out of his own interest in paranormal activity. “I wanted to honestly see if people would like the idea of a paranormal club because we never had one before, and so, I was like ‘hey maybe I should probably be the first then,” Lanning said.

The club meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month, allowing club members to use equipment in order to investigate paranormal activity.

 Club sponsor Brian Greer said, “We discuss topics such as reincarnation, haunted areas around Kansas City and the world, paranormal investigation ‘dos and don’ts,’ crystals, dolls, can a spirit attach to you, and many other topics. I will bring in a piece of equipment that can be used during a paranormal investigation, and students get a chance to see how it works and use it. In the future, the club will conduct a few paranormal investigations.” With Greer providing equipment, club members can dig deeper into paranormal activities, especially in the Kansas City area. 

“The paranormal club to me is a safe space to talk about the paranormal and supernatural without being judged by everyone else,” said sophomore and club social media officer Jupiter Vas. “Not a lot of people believe in this type of stuff, so it’s really nice to have a small community where we can openly express our thoughts on the topic.” 

Not only does the club discuss the paranormal, but club members say it allows them to connect on new levels. “My favorite thing about the club is the welcoming and open vibes everyone brings into the room, as well as the fun and quirky topics we discuss in our meetings. The way I connect with the students is something I never really got to have while growing up, so the club really brings comfort to me and most likely a lot of others.”

Club members express how extremely excited they are with how rapidly the club has grown, ranging 15-20 club members this past school year. 

Lanning said, “At first I thought of it as a very kind place and didn’t think it would get that big, but now it’s really huge… and now I’m happy to have people who enjoy the club, and I hope it stays in place long after I’m gone from West.”