Changes Coming for Courtwarming

Reese Biro

2023 Courwarming court poses for a picture. Photo courtesy of Ashley Jones.

There is a lot of talk about courtwarming around Lee’s Summit West. This year, courtwarming is informal. Usually people dress up for courtwarming, so there are a lot of opinions going around. Some people are very excited for courtwarming to be informal, others not so much.

“The senators decided they wanted to do something different, because we never have a super great turnout at courtwarming,” Student Senate sponsor Ashley Jones said. The senate and Jones think that this decision will encourage more people come to courtwarming. However, Jones doesn’t know if courtwarming will be informal next year as well. She added that other schools around the area’s courtwarming is informal so that helped with this decision.

Some students don’t think that having courtwarming be different this year is good. Freshman Cami Gaskin said, “I don’t think it’s like a good idea. Because like, the whole point of like a dance is to like, get all dressed up and nice and stuff like that. And if you’re not doing that, then what’s the point?” Gaskin also stated that she would go if it was formal, but because of the theme being informal she will not be attending. Gaskin added that it would depend on the theme as well. 

Those attending courtwarming will receive a shirt when they buy their ticket at lunch. At the dance, Jones said that there will be raffles and items will be given away. Jones and the senate hope that this new style of dance will bring more students to courtwarming, and Senate has been talking about making this decision all year.

Jones stated that they considered not doing courtwarming at all this year, but the senators didn’t like that idea. Jones hopes that this year’s courtwarming will be one to remember.