Career Day 2023

Ava Anderson


Choosing a career path that will pave the way for the rest of your life can be significantly stressful for most teenagers. The thought of growing up and becoming more responsible can be scary.

The new 2023 edition of career day offers lots of different opportunities for all students at Lee’s Summit West to find something they are interested in. For juniors and seniors, colleges, universities, and military personnel will be brought in. However, there are also people from all over the community coming to share about their jobs. 

After career day being canceled due to weather for the past few years, science teacher Jennifer Moor, hopes to ease some of the anxiety and help students find their passion. “There are about 55-60 presentations this year, [and] it’s just whoever wants to come and talk,” Moor said. 

This year also brings chances for students to learn about important “life hacks.” With high school bringing us closer to adulthood, there are a lot of things that are essential to know for the future.

One presentation being brought to West is how to format a resume and good interview etiquette. Moor said, “It’s just things that are helpful that maybe people just don’t know and it would be a good thing to go listen to.” 

With students beginning to pick their schedules for the upcoming school year, Moor hopes these options will help aid students in their decision making. 

“We want to make sure students get the most information they can about the variety of choices they have for classes,” Moor said. 

Out of the 60 presentations, one specific presentation typically draws a lot of interest from the student body. Brian Greer, an english teacher, has a unique presentation regarding paranormal investigation. With this presentation, he hopes to share a lot of different career paths that can also be involved in the production of paranormal investigation. 

Similar to Moor, Greer overall wants students to find their passion in life. Greer said, “I want students to find their passion in life, and if this invokes a passion and lights a fire under a student, that’s awesome.” 

For senior and foreign exchange student Isabella Barbanti, she hopes that this year’s career day helps her find a passion to return to whenever she comes back to America. 

In Italy, most teenagers choose their future career at the age of 14, right before they enter high school. This limits them to staying on one path, as it is very hard to switch pathways. 

Barbanti looks forward to all the different members of our community to come in and share information about their career. Barbanti said, “I feel like it will be a good experience to know more about your future and being able to know all the opportunities that everyone could take.”

While most of us don’t know exactly what we want to do in the future, career day can help guide students to find possible areas of interest. This day doesn’t have to bring an indefinite decision, but it will help bring a sense of direction for the next phase of your life.