Self Defense: Is It Worth It?

Reagan Boucher


Have you ever thought about how self defense classes can help you? Freshman Tara Moradi said self defense classes are something to consider. “I think everyone should take a self defense class for the value of defending yourself, but also for the lessons that it teaches you.” 

Moradi said the classes have taught her valuable life lessons. “It’s taught me many valuable lessons about how to value myself, how to defend myself, and very important work ethics that have helped me a lot. Like the value of doing your own work, the value of taking care of yourself, and that nobody else is going to be able to do anything if you can do it for yourself” Moradi said.

 “I’ve learned the importance of taking care of myself, but also knowing that I am capable. It has taught me that I don’t need to rely on other people.” Moradi added. 

Moradi also talks about how she felt at first. “I was so scared of everyone when I first did it, I remember it, I was terrified and now I have many lifelong friends that I will hold forever.” 

Moradi talks about something you should know before joining a self defense class. “If you were to join a self defense class, my biggest recommendation is to put yourself out there like I guarantee you everyone there is going to make mistakes, everyone there wants to get to know you,” 

Besides Jiu Jitsu classes, there are other ways to learn self defense. For example, Spanish Teacher Wayne Marble sponsors the LSW Martial Arts Club. 

“Now, generally speaking, martial arts are self defense and that’s what they’re about. I mean, there are differences in that sometimes, it’s practices completely a sport, which has some differences. But still, self defense.” Marble said.

Marble also added that the classes can give you more confidence. “Well, it gives them confidence, right? And, you know, hopefully it never does, but if a situation arised, that they would have a plan on, you know, what they would do if they were attacked.”

Something that students should always have is a plan. “It helps with confidence and ability. I think one of the biggest reasons that people don’t fare well in situations like that is because they don’t have any kind of plan.” Marble said.

Marble sponsors the Martial Arts Club, but Moradi is also in it. “Clubs are supposed to be fun environments, you want to enjoy it. But there also is a very big aspect of knowing that if worse comes to worst you could take care of yourself.” Moradi said.

Sophomore Chole Ostberg said self defense classes teach students more information. “It’s great general knowledge. I mean, it’s scary to think that you might ever be in those situations. But, just totally, it’s good to have a healthy amount of fear. But, it’s also really good to know what to do in case those situations do happen.”

Besides knowing what to do in situations, Ostberg also talks about the LSW Martial Arts Club. “I do think it’s good that they have a martial arts club. And I do think it’s good that there’s a unit in self defense.” Ostberg said.

Ostberg talks about what you should do if you are thinking about taking a self defense class. “And so if you’re thinking about you’re like, oh, maybe it’s like, yeah, you should. Yes.”