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LSW Film Commercial

Want to know more about film? Watch this video to give you a better idea!

LSW Broadcasting and Film Commercial

Interested in joining the broadcasting or film team here at Lee's Summit West? Watch this video to get an idea of what we do!

Superhero Support Group

  Four super-powered teens locked in a room with a therapist. Who says superheroes don’t have problems?    

Drawn Into Existence

  A girl uses her powers to bring her imagination to life, when things go horribly wrong.  


  A boy competing in a spelling bee for $50,000 considers cheating when his friend finds the judges’ room key.    

The Key

A girl is practicing for the spelling bee when her friend finds the key to the wordlist.

Film Students Visit New York

The film students recently took a trip to NYC for the All American High School Film Festival. Here's London Kearns with a rundown of...

Thinking Out Loud

  An annoying detective sets out to find her father’s murderer.  

ASB 4 State Convention Recap

Film students created a recap of the ASB 4 State Convention.

Blueberry Muffins

  A young man’s hatred for basketball and blueberry muffins grows as he’s forced to repeat the same day time and time again.