Senior Jackson Brink is somebody who has always had a love for film. When Brink started taking broadcasting his sophomore year, his love and appreciation for film completely took off to a whole new level. 

Brink writes, casts, directs and acts in the films he makes. “I am always going to make films that are personal to me and resonate with myself and how I’m feeling,” Brink said. A lot of his films focus around the aspect of love and the inclusivity of other people; that humans are made with imperfections and worthy of love.

Brink is planning on turning his love for filmmaking into a career. “I want people to come home after seeing my movies and to feel like they’ve been seen,” Brink said. 

Even in high school, Brink’s had been noticed nationally through his films. He said a very important moment for him was when his film Landline was played in a Kansas City movie screening.  “After the film was over, there were girls coming up to me telling me ‘Thank you for making me feel seen.’”  

But he said his success with filmmaking has not come without hard work and lots of dedication. Film and Broadcasting teacher Karrie Smythia said, “He is always doing something. He never is not working on a film or a project in some way.”  Smythia is one of Brink’s biggest supporters and somebody Brink turns to for advice during the entire process. 

Another one of the people who has been with Brink along the way is Ryleigh Geneser — Brink’s best friend of ten years.  “He is one of the most driven and hard working people that I know, ‘’ Geneser said. “Constantly pushing himself to do better and to succeed.” 

But not only is Geneser one of his best friends, she is also an ally. Brink used what he loves as a way to come out as gay to his family, friends, and the people at West. Geneser said she offered him great amounts of encouragement as he was coming out.

In the end, you can choose to do what you want with your life. Whether that is to inspire people and allow them to feel seen or accepted or not. Your actions can change people and change their outlook on life. The impact that you have on the world is solely dependent on you.