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Tag: Music

Freshman Excels in Music

Freshman Grace Gard excels as a vocalist and percussionist, Livi Palmer and Jayci Stowe have the story.

Titans Come Together Over Music

West students come together to form their band Clouds and Cannonfire.

Theater takes on Mamma Mia

Abby White West takes first place in many competitions, but this year we were first for a different reason. Every fall the theater and music...

Lowry takes on choir program

Jackson Ward Many students in the choral program at LSW know that Amy Krinke and Jacob Lowry are a team. For the last ten years,...

Local Musician Builds Audience With New Release

This local musician expands his audience through platforms like Spotify and Apple Music as he presents his latest single.

Top 5 Albums of 2017

Ian Shipley and Ewan Lee discuss the top 5 albums of 2017. They ranked them on a scale of one to ten based on...

Aspiring Musician Works Towards Future

Self-taught musician builds his career through working at STA and spending free-time creating music.

Behind the Scenes of Band

Sydnee Smith puts together a Natural Sound Package for band taking on the field. https://youtu.be/2LCS_3yyI-w

Teacher pursues music

Take a look into how German teacher Mrs. Hume has furthered her music career since October.