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Tag: Shelby parscale

Raising Community Awareness Through Drag

Mary Guccione is the owner of a wine cellar in Springfield that hosts a little something special once a month. Through this annual event...

Athlete Renews Love for the Game

Senior Noah Kinder gets back on the court after an injury, Shelby Parscale has the story.

Students Compete in Holiday Contest

With Christmas coming Shelby Parscale and Mallory Ratty asked two students to wrap gifts with the help of a team mate while blindfolded.

Students Test Biliteracy

Students are now able to take a special test that will allow them to be granted the seal of biliteracy. Shelby Parscale and Huntyr...

Athlete Proves Never Is Not An Option

Tanya Trimborn was one of thousands of baby's born with deformaties due to the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. She was born without the...

Students Raise Sex Trafficking Awareness

  Infographic by Kennedy Covinsky Sex trafficking is a worldwide issue that has shown to be a problem in our own backyards. Reporter Drayden Wood and...

West student travels the road to recovery

Emma Coleman Junior Shelby Parscale has, in the last two years, been to school, stayed home, and even visited the Dominican Republic, but it was...