Foreign Exchange Profile: Martina Geiger


The start of a new school year often brings many new faces to West. Usually these new faces are in those of Freshman from Summit Lakes, or those who moved across town, state, or the country. But rarely is that face 1 of10 foreign exchange students.

Martina Geiger started her journey to Lee’s Summit West from Austria with an estimated 12 hour flight that was then extended to 40 hours of travel total. ” They canceled my flight to Kansas City and so I had to stay the night at the airport [JFK], because I am too young to stay in a hotel” Geiger described her first moments in America.

However her host sister, Junior Maddy Hanley quickly gave her the full American experience. “We went shopping, we went to Downtown Lee’s Summit, I had my first Football game and this weekend we’re going to a concert in South Dakota”;said Geiger And no trip is complete without trying the customs as Geiger describes her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich as awesome.

Martina Geiger comes from Austria
Martina Geiger will spend half the year with host sister, Junior Maddy Hanley. Martina looks forward to the many small trips the family has planned to embark on.

With Geiger’s first football game being the nationally televised West vs. Staley game there was a lot of hype that she was not used to. ” Nobody would wear sport shorts or shirts which have something to do with school. We don’t have really a ‘school spirit’ and you don’t play sports in school. That’s what you do outside of school,” Geiger contrasts her schools pep to that of our 12th man.

Some Titans may find themselves in deep with fair amounts of homework already, but may find relief when they hear their work load in comparison with the average student at Geiger’s school. ” We have many more subjects [13 total] and our schedule changes during the week, that means you don’t have the same order every day,” and imagine a day without passing period as the students stay seated and the teachers come to you.

With her goals set, ” to meet some new people, getting better at my English, and experience the American culture” Geiger is looking forward to a great school year as a Titan and ” My one month road trip around the US in June, and of course prom.”