Volleyball vs. Park Hill South


The LSW girls’ volleyball team won against Park Hill South Tuesday night in a close and exciting match. “Tonight’s game helped us get ready for our game against St. James High School, which will be an even bigger challenge and fight.” Senior, Emilie Abrahamson said.

The game lasted for three close, and loud matches. Although the Panthers held the lead for a short time at the beginning, the Titans pulled ahead and won the first match 26-24. The intense rally included some hard-to-return and impressive spikes from Senior Taylor Sandbothe.

In the second match both teams fought hard, but in the end the Panthers led the Titans 24-26. The end of this match caused the crowd to go crazy with the realization that whoever won the last match won the game.

Finally, in the third match LSW pulled ahead in the end and won 25-20. The match showcased the Titans ability to communicate and talk on the court. The match also consisted of amazing sets by Sophmore Bailey Katzfey.

“It was good that we won, but this game showed that we need to pick up our game and better play together as a team.”  Sophmore, Kalin Cordes said.

By Hailey Skinner