Ice Cream Social


An evening of melodies, harmonies, and symphonies  welcomed the open of another year of music to the Titan family in the Music Department’s Ice Cream Social.

Long before the first student sang, families filled into the courtyard to grab their fill of an assortment of grilled foods and sweet treats  and plot out the perfect seat for the show. The lined had snaked all the way down to the parking lot as the Concert Orchestra took center stage and began their half of the performance.Though even as their stomaches growled, the crowd hushed to listen to the jaunty tune of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme.

After the song of the seven seas ended, the Concert Orchestra took their bows and the Symphony Orchestra took their place to play. Flying through the “Dance of the Tumblers”, a song orchestra director, Kirt Mosier, described as, ” very difficult, as hard as it gets in high school”, the orchestra entertained the crowd with the cowboy-esq piece, “Magnificent Seven”.

As the string players said good night to the crowd, the Titan Pride Marching Band and Color Guard prepared to win their spot in the audience’s memory with a show rarely seen outside the football stadium. Led by director Cliff Thurmond and Drum Majors, Junior Katie Case and Senior Grant Fischer, the Band open with  “Into the Clouds” as the Color Guard performed an aerodynamic inspired routine. Senior Alyssa Drewell performed a solo saber routine to the Band’s closing piece, “One Day I’ll Fly Away” as their time ended in applause.

After the the band cleared the courtyard, Shaun Harrel opened up an auction that raised money for the music department starting with the most popular item of the night, a cheeseburger cake. The cake, shaped like a giant cheeseburger but made out of 100 percent cake, drew out smiles and wallets.

On Tuesday September 11, students and parents got together in the commons for some music and food.

The bidding made way for the second portion of the evening, the concert of choirs. Amy Krinke proudly introduced each choir as they took the bleachers, starting with Freshman Women’s Choir, and working her way through the Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, and Concert Chorale and Una Voce.

Each choir performed pieces in from several cultures, times, and languages wowing the crowd with the diversity of their selections. Though each director promised that what the crowd heard was only a preview of what was to come at the departments next concert October 9.  As the sun set and the last song was sung, the first music concert of the year was closed to a round of applause.