Titans defeat Patriots 4-1 on the soccer field


By: Claudia Guthrie

The West Varsity boys soccer team squared off against Truman last night. At the end of the night, the Titans pulled off a victory.

Sophomore Logan Visconti heads the ball during a September 19th’s game against Truman. The Titans defeated the Patriots 4-1.

Truman scored right away, followed by a West goal by Junior Max Ostrander later on in the first half. By the beginning of the second half, the score was tied 1-1. Both halves were filled with many near-misses for West, with most of the game being played dangerously close to Truman’s goal.

The Silver Bullets were there and decked out in their silver body paint, chanting things like “Drew Douglas!” and “Are You Rattled?” to the irritated Truman coach.

After being head-to-head for most of the game, the Titans finally managed to pull ahead in the second half. Junior Tony Mok scored another goal for West. Senior Drew Douglas scored another goal, prompting more “Drew Douglas” chants from the Silver Bullets.

A West win was secured when Mok scored his second goal in the last two minutes of the game, ending the game at a 3-1 victory. At the game’s conclusion, the Silver Bullets ran out onto the field and celebrated with a impromptu game of leap frog.