I Don’t (Obama) Care

While many citizens lack a knowledge of our country's health care policies, they are still affected by them. While Obama Care may come and go, people's need for health care will always be there.

The reelection of President Barrack Obama caused a surge in teenager’s involvement with the election through social media. According to ABC News Twitter had reached 20 million election related tweets. Facebook also released an overall mention count with the top ten including vote, election, win, four more years, and Ohio. But what is all the fuss about? The Republican Nominee, Mitt Romney had lost and the party did not win the senate leaving the nation with a split congress.

So how does that affect us in the next four years? Obama’s campaign has made promises such as the closing of Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, creating jobs, and preventing nuclear terrorism. With his reelection also comes the maintenance of previous acts such as Obama Care. For the many teenagers, rapidly posting through their smart phones, the chance that they understand all this jargon is unlikely.  One may know that this act involves health care or insurance, but they may not recognize how they are effected.

Obama aims to care to those who cannot afford quality health care on their own. One major facet of this program is that children cannot be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Photo by Maddy Arsenault.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known by its popular name of Obama Care was passed Mar. 23, 2010. It requires everyone to be covered by insurance, even those with pre existing conditions no mater how old or young. The act expands coverage to those retiring early and young adults such as high and college students up to the age of 26, to remain on their guardians insurance. It also provides prescription discounts and free preventive care.

The average teenager might ask why should they care? Joseph Ualline from the American Assocation of Nurses says, “I am very supportive of it because it enables axis to healthcare especially for young people who are getting out of college only to realize that not all jobs have good healthcare benefits.”

Ualline recommends to any teenager to find out more by reading newspaper, watching a variety of news stations, or to go on the web and look at multiple sources.

Lewis Crus is a representative from ATI in Stilwell, Kan. The company has created digital stimulations for educuating nurses in the evolving medical fields. Cruz believes that Obama Care is a plan, and just like any plan some will benefit and some will not. “There is no perfect plan when your projecting for the future; there will always be some type of variable that is unable to be accounted for”, says Cruz.

His advice to any voter no matter the age is to exercise their vote effectively and to teenagers he suggest that, “Parties will tell you what you want to hear, so go out to various medias, double checking, looking for consistency.”

While many citizens lack a knowledge of our country’s health care policies, they are still affected by them. While Obama Care may come and go, people’s need for health care will always be there.

Teenager should listen to those in the medical field such as Ualline and Cruz because their are many misconceptions that the public has of the Act. Ualline brings up those who believe it is a social conspiracy and Cruz simply reminds others that “it is impossible to help everybody.”

There will come a time where teenagers are adults in the world going to work, paying bills, and taking care of their teenagers, and at that point Obama Care may still be in affect and they should be aware of what is affecting them and their families. One might want live forever young as songs suggest but one must be healthy to fulfill that music video.