Band Holds Annual Banquet

Band held their annual banquet Friday November 30th. The banquet was held in the commons. Photo By Nick Augden
Sophomore Christine Betts and Madison Krause enjoy the atmosphere in the commons. Band held their annual banquet Friday, November 30th. Photo By Nick Ogden

West’s own Titan Pride Marching Band had their end-of-season last Friday. The virtuosos ate dinner, the leftovers of which were donated to Hope House.

Afterwards, the students watched a commemorative slideshow and then the senior slideshow played. Band members’ baby pictures were displayed in all their tiny future-musician babiness, prompting a traditional game of “Guess that Baby” wherein people guess which baby is which band member.
Senior French horn player Grant Fischer was co-drum major with Junior Katie Case. Fischer said the competitions this year didn’t go as well as everyone had hoped.
“This year we went to very different competitions than we did last year, much bigger,” said Fischer. “It made it a little more difficult for us.”
Still, he said he felt good about his last year in Titan Pride Band.
“I think we did very well and I’m very proud of the work we did as a band to get better,” he said.
Senior baritone saxophone player Kenny Mott took home the Titan Pride Band Outstanding Senior Award for the effort he’s put into the group this year.
He said he’s glad this was his senior year because the music was his favorite that he’s played in the four years of marching band.
“I really liked our last movement. It was the theme from ‘Star Trek: Generations’ and that was a fun theme to play,” said Mott.
Like Fischer, Mott appreciated the work his peers put into band this year.
“I thought there were a lot more people there…that were there to actually make the band better,” said Mott.
And even though they were working on improving, the students still had fun.
“It was a really fun time, all the camps and everything were really fun. The practices kind of stank at the time but now looking back I realize they were kind of fun and I enjoyed being out there until nine o’clock,” said Mott.
Band Director Clif Thurmond said he was also proud of the band, including drum line and color guard.
He said, “I thought the kids did great and I’m real proud of them and we’re ready to move onto the next part of our year, which is competition system.”

By: Anna Poudel